L'Oreal Radiance Revealing Gentle Exfoliator


I'm ashamed to admit that when it comes to skincare I'm a little bit of a novice.  I wouldn't say I was blessed with amazing skin, it has always been fairly sensitive and a little on the dry side, but I was lucky enough when I was younger to never suffer from acne or bad breakouts so skincare has always took a back seat for me.  As I have gotten older though I feel as though my skin has gotten drier, flakier and dull looking.  I've tried several different exfoliators over the years but have always found them to be too harsh on my sensitive skin but after this winter I was in desperate need of something to rejuvenate my dull looking complexion and battle the dryness.  So I went on the hunt for something that would be gentle on my sensitive skin but that would also get the job done.  I've always liked L'Oreal products and this exfoliator sounded just like what I needed.

As you can see it is a gel like formula that contains tiny little micro-beads to remove dead skin cells and impurities.  I prefer this gel formula to cream formulas as I find them much more hydrating on my skin.  I've used a few cream exfoliators before and they have left my face feeling dry and tight.  Once you start to rub this exfoliator into the skin the gel gently starts to foam up but doesn't turn creamy and the micro-beads are really gentle on the skin.  Once rinsed off, my skin really does feel refreshed and super smooth and after using it for the last month my skin definitely seems a lot brighter and I have seen a huge improvement in my dry patches.  If you have sensitive and dry skin I would definitely recommend this to you as it is really gentle on the skin.  When I first started using it I did get the odd spot on my forehead and chin, but I feel like that is to be expected with any new product and they cleared up within a couple of days and have had no breakouts since.  As this is such a gentle exfoliator it can be used daily but I feel that it has done such a good job that I don't need it daily and have been using it every other day.  It does also state on the back of the bottle that it is proven to remove makeup but as I use it in the morning I'm not really sure how good of a job it does at that.

Lastly I would like to talk about the scent of this product.  Normally I'm not one for scents and try to find something that is fragrance free, but as soon as you pop the lid on this one you are instantly hit with the scent of fresh juicy peaches and I love it!  I don't know if it's the fact that it smells so fresh or the fact that it's such a natural scent compared to products that smell falsely floral or too perfumed, but this scent gives this exfoliator added bonus points for me.

What is your favourite exfoliator to use?

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  1. Exfoliating is great!

    Take care doll! Kisses,

  2. I also love gel formulas! I'm crazy about cleansers and definitely prefer ones that don't dry out my skin. Loving the sound of this one!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  3. I totally get what you write about not knowing what to do. I was there too. In the end I did not like the themes blogger offers so I decided to move over to wordpress. There are still a lot of things I need to figure out but I am so happy about my layout. Keep me updated and let me know if you need help ok!?
    By the way, since I moved my blog to wordpress I do no longer have GFC but I would love to continue following each other. I really would be very happy if you could follow me on bloglovin instead! I still follow you of course : )
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  4. Oooh, this stuff sounds cool- I love the peach scent!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  5. It looks great!
    There's a giveaway on our blog and we would like that you participate :)



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