My Birthday


As I mentioned in my last post I was feeling a little down about my Birthday and hadn't really made any plans due to my anxiety being quite bad.  Nevertheless, I was determined to have a nice day and to just relax and enjoy it.

If you follow my blog or my instagram you'll know that I'm an avid baker and I'm always busy baking everyone else's birthday cakes that I've never really had a fancy one of my own, so it was lovely to wake up to this surprise cake that my mum had had made for me.  Isn't it beautiful?!

I had a nice relaxing morning with my mum and boyfriend opening presents and then, seeing as the sun decided to make an appearance for my birthday, me and my boyfriend decided to take a nice little stroll around the village with Riley.  I love spring walks and all the pretty flowers blooming down the lanes.  Then we spent the afternoon eating yummy snacks and watching a movie.  In the evening we had a Greek takeaway and then a few friends came round for drinks.  All in all it was just the kind of birthday I needed this year.

Finally, as I got some lovely gifts from friends and family, and here goes the obligatory I'm not bragging statement but I love seeing the gifts other people get for their birthdays, so I thought maybe you'd like to see what I got too.  Or maybe I'm just nosey.

Off for a nice long soak in the bath now and to use some of these Lush goodies.

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  1. Wow, this looks like the perfect birthday and it absolutely looks like the PERFECT cake! Wow! This one is better than my wedding cake for sure! :)
    This is such a pretty post dear!

    By the way, I moved my blog! I hope you will follow me with bloglovin on my new site:
    conscious lifestyle of mine

  2. I see that the baking talent runs in the family! :) Your cake was absolutely amazing Sadie! Sounds like you had such a lovely birthday!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  3. Nice pictures! What a lovely cake!


  4. Hope you had a lovely Birthday, that cake looks amazing! xo

  5. I hope you had a lovely birthday despite being anxious! xx

  6. Aw this sounded like such a lovely day! Your cake is amazing and I love your outfit too. <3

  7. Happy belated birthday lovely, sorry to hear your anxiety had you feeling down. So nice to see that you had a lovely day in the end, the birthday cake looks amazing and you got so many lovely gifts. I love that MK watch x

    Beauty with charm

  8. Glad you ended up having a good birthday- and how cool was your cake?! Your mum did so well. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Happy birthday my dear! For me, I prefer to stay home for my birthday and just chill out with music or watch movie...Maybe I am old? haha. Hope you feel better soon :)

  10. Aww how precious is your cake! It sounds like you had an amazing time :) Happy belated Birthday! X
    Words By Katie


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