The Printed Jumpsuit


Jumpsuit - Asos
Vest (worn underneath) - Primark
Belt - Asos
Shoes - New Look
Hat - H&M

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with jumpsuits, I think they look great and can be super easy to wear but what a pain it is when you need the toilet, especially when you're out and about.  There's nothing worse than feeling like you have to get fully undressed in a public bathroom, which leads me to keeping my legs crossed as long as possible.  So my two main requirements when buying a jumpsuit are 1. Where and how it fastens, making sure it is easy enough to get on and off when nature calls and 2. Making sure I love it enough that it won't get overlooked in favour of more practical outfits.  For me this Asos jumpsuit meets both these requirements.  I love the style and print, I can sometimes get a little bit scared when it comes to all over prints but I think the colours and style of this jumpsuit stop it from being too in your face and I can break it up slightly with a waist belt like this one.  I love the fit of this jumpsuit and it super comfy to wear, and there's something about jumpsuits that makes me feel like I've put quite a bit of effort into my outfit when it's really taken no effort at all.

What it your opinion on jumpsuits?  Love them or hate them?

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  1. I have the love hate relationship with it too! It looks cool and chic but I am just short, so it can even make me look like a midget lol

  2. That looks amazing on you!
    Jabeen x

  3. cute look. love your jumpsuit!

  4. Such a great look!


  5. This jumpsuit looks so nice on you Sadie! I really like the print and it fits you so nicely! Looking gorgeous!

    Thirteen Thoughts

  6. Lovely photo's! It suits you! -x-

  7. This jumpsuit looks utterly babin' on you Sadie! So stunningly stylish with such a gorgeous jazzy pattern. ASOS are killing it lately, I'm obsessed with all their amazingness ;) Loving how you've worked such cute accessories into this look too; the hat and shoes are beauties! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  8. You look sooooo pretty in this jumpsuit! Wow! Really really beautiful and cool!
    Sending much love your way : )
    conscious lifestyle of mine


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