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I got this set of mini Sleek Matte Me lip creams just before Christmas so unfortunately it's no longer available but thought I'd still do a little review on them anyway as the full size versions are available here, which I will definitely be stocking up on once these have run out.

First of all lets talk about the packaging, why is everything just so much more appealing when it comes in miniature?!!  Am I the only one that gets sucked in by this?  The packaging is really simple and, dare I say it, sleek.  These little miniature versions are also perfect for popping in a little clutch bag on a night out and the colours are just perfect.  There's not a single one of these that I don't wear, which is not always the case when products come in a set like this, there's normally always one that finds its way to the bottom of my makeup bag never to be seen again.

L-R: Rioja Red, Birthday Suit, Velvet Slipper, Old Hollywood

For ages I have avoided matte lips as no matter what time of the year I tend to suffer with very dry lips.  I love the look of matte lips though so I was determined to give them a try.  What I have learnt though is that it is all about the prep, even if you don't suffer with dry lips I would still suggest you prep your lips first as I find these lip creams last a lot longer when you prep your lips properly.  Firstly I brush my lips with a toothbrush to scrub away all the dry skin and then I exfoliate them even further with my trusty Lush Lip Scrub.  Then I like to generously apply plenty of lip balm (my favourite being Burt's Bees) and leaving that to work it's magic whilst I apply the rest of my makeup. This to me is one of the most important steps, letting your lips fully absorb the balm before applying the lip cream, as I have once not done this when I was in a rush and lets just say it was a big slippery mess and bleeding lip stains.  Not pretty!!  

Onto the actual formula itself, when first applied the product has quite a creamy texture and glides on nicely but I feel like you have to work quite quickly as it doesn't take long to dry and get that tacky feeling before it dries fully.  Once dry though that lip cream is not budging, especially the two darker shades.  I have both eaten and drank with these lip creams on and it has not budged and has only required minimal top ups.  The Old Hollywood shade especially needs a good old scrub to be removed.

                          Birthday Suit and Velvet Slipper   

Have you tried the Sleek Matte Me lip creams before?  Which is your favourite?

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  1. I'm the same as you, I love minis haha, I always gravitate towards them myself. These look gorgeous on you, I'm a huge fan of matte products.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog
    My Instagram | Instagram

  2. Rocking these stunning shades like the utter babe you are sweet Sadie! Birthday Suit is so blissful on you as is Velvet Slipper and I'm adoring the fact that you pull off both contrasting shades so beautifully. I love how each shade is so unique in the swatches and you get a real mix of pretty colour tones in this gorgeous mini-set. I'm totally with you, there's something about miniatures that make them all the more lust-worthy. Especially when it comes to luscious lip shades! 😍 I've never tried anything from Sleek but have always heard so many positive things 💖 So glad you tried these as they were made for your magical self! I'm with you on matte lips, I've got a MAC lipstick that is a gorgeous nude pink and looks so glossy for a short while but then flakes off so badly which is such a shame. I definitely need to go seek out the Lush lip scrub!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. Nice colours!

  4. These colours look so good on you! I'm glad these work because I bought them for my cousin at Christmas haha x

    Sick Chick Chic

  5. Yes to miniature packaging! Gosh I'm so easily seduced by dainty perfumes and nail polishes :') I have to say that I also love all of the shades, you look amazing in Old Hollywood <3

    // xx

  6. I haven't tried them yet, but I think they're a great affordable offering compared to other brands, and these miniatures are a great way to try different shades. I love the look of old hollywood! I have dry lips too, the Lush lip scrub with the Nuxe cream helps me a lot :) Hope you have a great weekend xx


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