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Just lately I can't open a single magazine without bright eyeshadows popping out at me.  I love bright colours, especially in summer, but when it comes to make up I'm ashamed to admit I can be quite boring.  My make up routine usually consists of cleansing, moisturising, foundation, concealer, eyeliner, mascara, a touch of blusher and then some lip balm, which results in this...

I mostly like to keep it simple when it comes to make up, the most daring my make up gets is a slick of bright red lipstick.  I would like to change that though because when it comes to hair and fashion I'll try pretty much anything so I have no idea how I became so frigid with make up, especially eyeshadow.  Here are a few looks that have been inspiring me to become braver with eyeshadow...

I would love it if any of you can help me on my quest to bright eyes by leaving any tips, techniques and product recommendations in the comments below.

(Photos: google/weheartit)

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  1. hey love the look with the flower on the eyelid..
    come by and say hi

  2. I'd love to be able to pull of bright colours!
    My tips would be to start off with just a wash of bright colour on your lids, line your eyes with pencil and mascara. Leave the rest of your face matte and simple.

    Thanks for the comment <3 Your blog is lovely! xx

  3. I am right there with you! I want so badly to try color, but honestly, I'm a bit of afraid to but any color other than a very little purple or a green eyeliner! Maybe I'll get creative one day!
    come show my feature of the day some love!

  4. I'm the same as you - never quite brave enough but always so tempted! How beautiful is the last picture?! Amazing!
    B x

  5. I don't have any tips because I'm shamefully boring with my own makeup. I do, however, have each of those images save to my deasktop, and bright makeup is a consistent theme on my blog and on my tumblr. Good luck though, and if you do venture out into the world of traffic stopping makeup, please post pictures. I'd love to see them, and perhaps save them to my desktop:D xx

  6. I am also really boring with make up and bright eye shadow doesn't suit me at all (even though i'd love to wear it) I think you look lovely, though. Not boring at all. x

  7. Really inspiring photographs, but sadly I'm exactly the same - pretty safe with my make-up... really must start experimenting more! x

  8. @Mia Thanks I'll check out the Sleek ones :)

    @Shabna Thank you for the tips :)

    @Urbanchic4u and Billy Reuben I love that last picture too, wish I could try something like that but think I'll have to start a little simpler :)

    @Collegecurl13, Ashley and Emma Nice to know I'm not the only one, maybe we can all begin experimenting and share it with one another :)

    @Temporary Secretary Thank you, I sometimes feel a bit plain and boring when I see people looking all pretty with nice eye make up :)

  9. I'm the same, I end up using the same products every day and not being that experimental. I'd suggest for really bright, pigmented eyeshadows that won't break the bank then get a sleek pallet. I think the new limited edition one is really pretty for daring colours


  10. I wear bight coloured clothing too but my make up consists of black eyes and pink/red lips. I sometimes use coloured eyeliner pencils but that's it, I always get scared of using colourful eye shadow for fear of looking like someone from East Enders!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  11. @ Eloise You are the second person to mention Sleek, so I will definitely have to take a look, thanks :)

    @ Hannah I know I have the same fear, and worry it'll look too over the top :)

    @ Strawberry Freckleface Thanks :)


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