Mini Matalan Haul


I very rarely shop at Matalan purely because we don't have a store nearby, and I feel sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss.  I have to say though I'm quite liking their summer collection.  Walking around the store last weekend I had to be very disciplined not to pick up too much as I'm trying not to buy so much at the minute, but that's not really going to happen is it?  In the end I managed to narrow it down to a skirt, a hat and a pair of boots, coming to a total of £38 which I think is a bargain.  So here's a little peek at the skirt and boots which I wore the other day...

 Necklace - Primark
Shirt - Peacocks
Skirt  - Matalan
Ring - Matalan

The thing I love most about these boots is the crochet panel on the sides, which I think makes them seem a little more summery.

I don't have a picture of the hat at the minute, but it's basically just a black 70's style floppy hat.  I have been after one for a while now so I was so happy when I saw them, and at only £6 I had to snap it up.

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  1. The shoes are cute, some different, I likes! & yay about floppy hats. I just got a black one, & tan one, however I don't know how to wear it, its so beach/pool like, I am not going to a beach or pool anytime soon, so boo on that. But I deff wanna see how you wear yours...

    xo $ARMIN

  2. I like the outfit and I love your fringe, I wish a full fringe like that suited me! I was really impressed with Matalan when I went recently, I picked up a pair of little faux suede desert boots. I like those boots of yours too!

  3. nice boots!
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  4. I never shop in Matalan for the same reason I dont have one near me I sometimes have a browse on the website and there is some really cool pieces. Love your little haul and those boots are awesome totally digging the crochet panels xoxo

  5. love the boots they are awesome!!!

  6. I love the boots! :D I'm the same when it comes to shopping at Matalan but the next time I get the chance to shop in there, I will. I also dismissed Matalan a lot of the time, simply because I didn't think it was any good for clothes. I was so wrong!

    Natalie x

  7. @Sarmin I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to wear mine yet but I love it and am going to fit it into my summer wardrobe somehow :)

    @Helenlouise Thanks :) Yes I wanted those desert boots too, but as I was trying to be disciplined and I already have some wedge desert boots in the same colour I just opted for these. But I want to be naughty and go back for them :)

    @Chloe Chante Thank you, I will take a look at your blog :)

    @Style of a Fashionista and Natalie Thanks, I definitely think now is the time to check it out, they've got some really nice summer pieces :)


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