H is for Hair


There was no doubt in my mind that in my list of favourite things H would be for hair.  For as long as I can remember I have loved doing hair... dying it different colours, trying out different styles and buying cute accessories.  I really regret not going to college when I finished school to learn hairdressing and opting for the more sensible option of Business, but oh well I guess there's time yet.  As much as I like to play around with hair and trim my own fringe, I would love to get some proper training, especially in hair colouring.  I love the way something so simple as dying your hair or changing your hairstyle can not only change the way you look but the way you feel too.

Here's a little of my hair inspiration at the minute...

I'm loving all the bright colours popping up everywhere at the minute, thanks to Bleach.  I would love to go there to get my hair dip dyed in their lovely pink and purple shades.  I can only imagine how hard it would be to get an appointment there with all the publicity they're getting at the minute and their celebrity clientele.  I definitely think it would be well worth the wait and money though.

As much as I'd love to brave some of these hairstyles, I don't think it's something I'd try out myself or in a local salon.  I'd only make such a drastic change if I really knew I was in good hands.  So for the moment I'm going to stick to red...

To be honest, I have been dying my hair so long that I can't really remember what my natural colour is but I think its a medium brown.  This is how red I can get it with Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL over brown hair.  I was satisfied with this colour for a while but now I want to go brighter, like this...

After talking to my hairdresser I have come to the realisation that the only way I am going to achieve this kind of brightness is by pre-lightening my hair.  Doing this at a salon will cost hundreds, and as much as I want it, I can't really justify spending that amount of money on my hair.  So now I am in a major toss up whether to try it out myself at home or not.  I am just a little nervous of it turning into a huge disaster or, god forbid, my hair falling out like some hair horror stories you hair.  What do you think, should I risk it or not?  If anybody has any tips or can recommend any products I would greatly appreciate it.

(Photos: weheartit/bleachlondon)

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  1. I first started to color my hair at 12. Its always been red/plum-ish color...Never to risky colors thou. I love the shade of red you have. I would totally do that, but for some reason my color only takes at the roots, & that's about it. & its never red like yours.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. Gorgeous hair inspiration!!!!!! I'm always afraid of the bleach process but looking at this images, I really want to do it!

  3. Ahh loved all these pictures!! Your hair looks amazing too, you really suit it x

  4. oh wow! i love these photos! the third one is my fave! it looks so cool, yet super wearable! have fun!!! :)


  5. Love this post - i'm obsessed with dying my hair, so really love all the pictures you have posted here x

  6. This is a great post. Love all of the colors. I am far to scared to die my hair but am always envious of people that do. Looks amazing. Just found your blog. Now following! :)

    I would love if you could stop by my celebrity style and fashion blog and follow me as well.

  7. @ Sarmin I have to get a really really bright red to get it this colour, on the box its more the colour of the picture below of how red I want to get it.

    @ Freesia I'm quite afraid of the bleach process ruining my hair but I'm dying to do it too.

    @ Stefany+Temporary Secretary Thanks, it's nice to know how much people love this hair, because when I was at school I was to afraid to do it because people with crazy hair were classed as freaks but I love it!

    @ Fash Boulevard Thanks for following, don't be scared if you want to try it I'd say go for it :)

  8. Great photos! Im thinking about changing up my hair this summer..thanks for the inspiration :)


  9. great photos! love the colorurs in the girls plait
    thanks for your comment on my blog xx



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