I Just Wanna Be Myself, And I Want You To Know, I Am My Hair


Seeing as this post is about my hair I couldn't help but title the post with a few lyrics from Lady Gaga's song Hair.  I must admit I was never a huge fan but with her new album Born This Way I have a new found love for her.  Anyway, getting back to the point of this post, after my hair inspiration post a couple of weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and go brighter.  After trotting off to the shops for a hair lightening kit and some more red hair dye, I came home feeling nervous and excited.  I'm happy to say there was no need for the nervousness, and I survived the bleaching with all my hair intact.  It actually worked a lot better than I expected and lightened my hair quite a bit.  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture but it went a mixture of a yellow (almost white) blonde, with very pale orange and pink tones.  Luckily I didn't have to go anywhere the next day, because I didn't want to put the red dye straight on top.  So I waited until the next night to apply the red, so as not to damage my hair more than necessary.  I am pleased to report that (even though I'm sure it is) my hair doesn't feel damaged at all.  Here is the end result...

It does actually look a fair bit brighter in real life, but what do you think?

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  1. love your hair colour!

    much love ♡


  2. Love the hair colour, it really suits you :)

    Stacey xx

  3. wow you did such a great job and brave too esp with the bleach I had such a bad bleach disaster years ago. The red suits you and it is such a striking colour xoxo

  4. Great colour!
    Lovely blog is my first time here and I'll be back.

  5. Love it! the colour is amazing, really suits you!

  6. It really suits you :) You made a brave move and it paid off!

    Natalie x

  7. Thank you for all your lovely comments :)

  8. your hair looks amazing! i wish i suited it red boo :( xx

  9. I love your red hair, it really suits you :)
    Do you want to follow each other? :D
    let me know!!


  10. Hi!!
    I really love your blog and your style! I follow you...
    ... maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too ( I hope you like it) ;)
    Kisses from México city!


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