The Illustrated Me


 Would just like to say a HUGE thank you to the gorgeous and amazingly talented Kelly-Leigh, who did this fantastic illustration of me.  When I saw this drawing I felt like she knew me so well, because she drew me all in black and white and left my hair red, and I always feel like it's really my hair that defines me and is who I am.  Thank you again Kelly-Leigh, I love it!

Make sure you lovely people go and check out her blog here, and I'm sure if you ask nicely she'd love to do a beautiful illustration for you too.

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  1. lovely picture :]
    also thanks for your comment sweet, on ebay if you type in sheer maxi skirt there is a seller called dress4less that do them for like £6.00 they have really nice cloths also if you check their other items :] xxx
    July 12, 2011 9:34 AM

  2. Ah thank you so much I will take a look :) x

  3. oh wow this is amazing xxxx

  4. This is so cool, I would love to have a drawing of myself.

  5. wow this is awesome, one talented girl. What a lovely blog you have.

    Helen, X


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