Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside


I've had to do this post a little later than planned as I have been ill all week and just couldn't find the motivation to do it.  Now, that I am starting to feel a little better I have decided to do a post from the comfort of my bed.  I had a great weekend last weekend with much better weather than I was expecting, especially with the horrible storms we had right before the weekend.  On Saturday my Aunty and Uncle had a big summer party to raise money for charity.  We have had a few family members suffer from cancer lately some we sadly lost, but after being diagnosed with breast cancer last year my Aunty was given the all clear recently.  So this was a great reason to celebrate and give back.  There was a raffle, tombola and lots of fun and games, and between us we managed to raise £215.

 (My lovely cousin who is due to give birth in 5 weeks, can't wait for a bit of baby shopping!)

I made the mistake of staying up with a few others until 5.30 in the morning, sitting around a fire chatting and drinking, which wouldn't have been such a huge mistake if my parents hadn't decided to take a spontaneous trip to the seaside in the morning.  Having stayed over and expecting to go straight home first thing I had no change of clothes or make up, and was definitely a bit zombie like after only 2 hours sleep.  After a quick nap in the car I was feeling a bit more refreshed and looking forward to a day by the sea.  Excuse my appearance in the following pictures, I was a little worse for wear.


All in all it was the best weekend I've had this summer so far.

(Credit for the party pics go to my talented cousin Sean Keenan)

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  1. Well done on your charity work (:
    && yeah you do! Primark has like a huuuuge sale on, asif they aren't cheap enough haha :P xxx

  2. Photos seem to prove you guys had a fabulous time! Cant wait to get myself up to a beach sometime soon!

  3. Beautiful photos!! Hope you feel better.=)


  4. thanks for your comment sweet,
    well done on the charity work :]
    your hair is gorgeous xxxx

  5. Nice blog. :))

    If you like my blog, follow me and I'll follow you back. :))


  6. looks like a great time! nice blog!!


  7. you look amazing in the red hair:)

  8. I think it's amazing what you did to raise money. I love all the colorful places by the sea.

  9. All of you look bloomin' gorgeous! Love your photos!
    Thank you for taking a peek at our shop, what did you think? I'm on a shopping ban too but it's not going very well! xxx

  10. thanks a lot sweetheart!! but don't you think you hair's quite long too? i do :)
    the beach you're at looks swwweet, where is it? x

  11. Hiyaa babe, I thought I was already following you, apparently not- but I am now :D
    To be honest, my arm tattoo was the least painful one I've had done. It wasn't particularly painful, just more uncomfortable! And I was only in the chair like 5-10 minutes so it was over pretty quickly! I think I paid around £50 for mine at Thou Art in Sheffield :) Hope this helps ha! What are you thinking of getting? xxxxxxxx

  12. AMEI!
    Estou seguindo. Segue de volta?


  13. Great pictures! :D

    Want to follow eachother? :) x


  14. Those little Challets look so cute! I'd love to do one up and put sofas and suff in there!


  15. oh my gosh, im in love with all those brightly colored beach shacks & lined w/ surfboards, so beautiful.


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