K is for (baking in the)Kitchen


For a while I have been racking my brain as to what I could choose for K in my A-Z of favourite things, so I decided to cheat a little bit on this one.  I didn't want to just put 'Kitchen' because I don't love kitchens but I do love baking in the kitchen, especially cakes.  There's something I find really therapeutic about it.  So this week as I don't have any outfit posts to share with you, due to a nasty cold sore I have now from being so run down, I will share with you a picture of the Banoffee Cupcakes I made this week.

I'm hoping to one day be able to make cupcakes as perfect as these...

As I have been a little MIA on my blog this week, I just want to thank you all for all your lovely comments.  I appreciate every single one of you and am looking forward to catching up on your blogs.

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  1. They look so yummy :D love the cute colours of those other cupcakes!

  2. yummy these all look gorge xxxx

  3. thanks for the comment babe :]
    i hope i get a space, time shall tell lol.
    these look so yummy i want some, i cant make cakes for some reason xxx

  4. They look amazing hun, love the cake stand too! I am off for 6 weeks now so I am defo going to get round to making some cakes! Great post and great blog, I am following, perhaps you can follow me too?? xx

  5. I wish I could decorate cupcakes as beautiful as you do.Love the colorful onces with lovely flowers on it.;)You have a nice blog out here.:)

  6. oh looks yummy!


Thank you for your lovely comments :)

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