E.L.F 6 in 1 Beauty On The Go - Palette 5


The 5th palette in the 6 in 1 Beauty On The Go kit is probably the one that I have used least.  Although I think that it has some pretty colours in it, I'm not very daring when it come to pinks and purples.  I often wear pale golden pinks but purple is a colour I tend to sidestep.  This palette may just tempt me to give it a try though, so if you have any ideas for looks with purple eyeshadows let me know.
These are the pinks from the first row and I bet you can already guess which one is my favourite.  Yep, that's right, the golden toned one on the far right.  I think it is such a gorgeous colour and has a lovely shimmer to it.  It is a perfect all over colour to just sweep across the eyelid if you are in a rush.  Unfortunately the fourth one along is not very pigmented at all so you can barely see it.  The first three are lovely colours also but are a little out of my comfort zone.
Now these colours are definitely out of my comfort zone except for the white, which is a perfect highlight.  If there's one thing this kit isn't short of it's highlights.  I have to admit that I haven't used any of these colours but I really want to try something out with the middle shadow because it looks such a gorgeous colour.  I think I'm just a little afraid to use these colours because they're the perfect mix to make it look like you've been given a black eye, and that is not a good luck except maybe on halloween.
The blusher has to be my favourite part of this palette.  It is a lovely peach colour with tiny bits of glitter in, which looks gorgeous on the cheeks.  I think this has to be one of my favourite blushers out of all the blushers I own.  It's a shame that they don't give the colours on the packaging because I'd definitely purchase this if they sell it as a blush alone.  Again the lip colours look nothing like the colour they do in the palette, but I do actually like the brighter pink one and would probably wear it.

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  1. I keep getting this out because the pinks and purples are so pretty but I'm like you, they're a bit too daring! I loveee the blusher too, it's so lovely. Yeah same I wish I knew the names of the shades, especially for some of the lipsticks xxx

  2. Awsome review, this seems like a good palette -the blue coloured shadow is pretty.

  3. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog!
    These colours look gorgeous!
    I haven't tried ELF products before!

    Natasha Carly x

  4. Very beautiful product by Elf Cosmetics


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