Studs and Flowers


Led Zepplin Body - Asos
Shorts - Topshop
Jacket - Zara
Tights - New Look
Shoes - Matalan

Firstly I would like to apologise for these awful pictures, I was either squinting at the sun because I couldn't find my sunglasses or the wind was blowing my hair covering my whole face until I resembled Cousin It.  These were the best of a bad bunch!  I have been wanting some studded pumps for so long now and was so happy when I saw these bad boys staring at me in Matalan a few weeks ago.  They were only £14 and they're so comfy and sturdy.  I love them!  I got a few things from Matalan including my new favourite chelsea boots, so I'll do a little haul post next and show you some of the goodies that I found.

I've also decided that it's about time I invested in a decent camera.  Mine is on it's last legs.  It's so old that it could probably be classed as vintage.  Let me know in the comments what camera you use or if you have any recommendations for me.

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  1. i need those shoes in my hands ;D

  2. Oh, your shorts and shoes Matalan...very, very hot! ;-)
    Great blog! I'm your new follower!!
    I hope, that you will like my blog too. ;-)

  3. Those Shoes are amazing :)

    Follow you back now

  4. I love your jacket and those shoes are seriously cool.

    Jo. x

  5. Lovely shoes! :) Follow each other? ;)

  6. love the led zepplin body and ahh those shoes! LOVE matalan shoes always super cheap but bang on trend, think that matalan is pretty underrated but you can get some right gems in there xx

  7. Cute outfit, loving those shorts.

  8. Love your shorts <3 Cool outfit.

    Indie by heart

  9. Loveeee your bomber! And can't believe those shoesies are from Matalan they're lovely. Ahh camera shopping is so stressful! I just got a little Nikon coolpix ting because apparently they're super easy to use. They ain't to me though haha having a right mare with it! xxx

  10. I want those dip dye shorts, and who could go Wrong with a pair of studded shoes? AWESOME LOOK GIRL!

  11. Your stuuded shoes are amazing, love them! :)

  12. I would not expect Matalan to do those shoes! I'm off to browse their shoe section now online :P

  13. Matalan has so many gorgeous things in their AW collection, especially the shoes! I love the floral jacket :)

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  14. Yay, I have these shoes too! :) xo


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