Gravity's Rainbow


I don't have much to write about today as I went to the beach yesterday, but stupidly forgot my camera, and today I have had a bit of a stomach bug.  The weather has also been miserable and wet today but I just had to take this picture and share it with you.  There is something I love about a rainbow in a grey sky.  I don't know what it is, it just seems so beautiful and peaceful.  Now I didn't quite freak out like this guy, but I just think they're really pretty.
I've also started to clear out my bedroom so I can redecorate it and have come to the realisation that I need to stop being such a hoarder and get rid!  So I've put a load of stuff on ebay including these...

If your interested click here and take a peek at the rest.

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  1. great clothes! :)
    Can we follow eaxch other?
    Come to visit me!

  2. I really like this rainbow, I've also taken some pictures of rainbow lately, such fun, ha!? :)

  3. I need to do a wardrobe clearout myself soon. uggggghhhh. It always takes so long! I'm putting it off big time.

    HANNAH †


  4. I need to do a clean out too........I wish I could hire someone to that for me!Lazyyy!

  5. Very cool pieces!

  6. Oh I feel for you forgetting your camera...gah that is every bloggers nightmare! And I agree with the clothes hoarding thing...I should really sell some of mine. Love the that yellow and black jacket though...very Lana Del Rey!

    Gemma x


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