Second Skin


I was sat today doing my daily window shop, or should I say screen shop, and I began to notice a pattern in the things I was adding to my wishlist.  They were all skintight patterned bodycon skirts or dresses. Up until now the only things I've ever wanted skintight are my jeans and disco pants.  These are the last things that I ever thought would be on my wishlist, but the patterns are just too pretty to resist.  Here are just a few of my favourites...
 (Motel, River Island, Asos)
(Asos, New Look, Zalando)

I don't own a single bodycon dress or skirt, as much as I love them they do just that, make me feel body conscious.  The thought of squeezing myself into such a tight bit of material and highlighting all my problem areas (ie. stomach and thighs) absolutely terrifies me.  I can just see it now, a beautiful bodycon dress pulled tight over my bloated belly, and people mistaking my food baby for an actual baby or a gorgeous pencil skirt widening my hips and struggling to contain my thighs.  So how do we work the bodycon trend without feeling too bodyconscious?  Step in the extensive range of Shapewear by Marisota.  They have lots of lovely shapewear ranging from full bodyshapers to high waisted control briefs.  Hey, if they're good enough for Bridget Jones, they're good enough for me.  I love the thought of my lumps and bumps being kept under wraps and all smoothed out.  Ever since seeing Gok Wan stress the importance of well fitted underwear on "How To Look Good Naked", I like to think of underwear as a canvas for my clothes.  If you have the proper base for the clothes you'll get a smooth and nice fit, leaving you feeling body confident instead of body conscious.  Whereas if the canvas had lumps and bumps before you even began painting it's never going to result in a pretty picture.  So it's even better knowing that Gok Wan has his own range of shapewear for all shapes and sizes, because he really seems to understand the need for great underwear.  Not only does he understand the need for great underwear but sexy underwear too,  because, let's face it, who wants to look like their wearing their grandma's knickers under their hot little bodycon?  He would be pulling us into our (sexy) shapewear and telling us to embrace our curves and rock that bodycon!

How do you feel about bodycon dresses and pencil skirts?
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  1. Yeah I use to love them, but now after two kids I'm have weird about my tum so I tend to avoid them. I do love how they can make you feel, I was looking at these in the ASOS sale but my tummy puts me off.

  2. I'm scared of bodycon dressed too! I do have a bodycon black skirt but I make sure that I always pair it with a flowy top!

  3. I don't think I would ever wear a bodycon dress unless I lost a stone, but bodycon skirts seem easier to wear - especially if like you say you invest in some shapewear. So many nice patterns come in bodycon fabric it'd be a shame to miss out on wearing them!

  4. Lovee Gok Wan! I'm too scared to wear body con things but the print on that ASOS stuff is beautiful! xxx

  5. These are beautiful! I really need to invest on one of these x

    ..F A S H E R N A B L Y - L A T E..

  6. I am bodycon phobic, but I appreciate from afar!

  7. i havent worn anything bodycon in ages, but i see that is making a comeback!

  8. Great post! btw I just moved to a new blog! please check out my blog and if you like it, please follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  9. I love the skirt on the bottom right, so pretty. Great picks :)

    Jo. X

  10. Love these pieces, the skirt is gorgeous.


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