My Birthday Peter Rabbit Afternoon Tea


Yesterday was my Birthday and as much as I hate surprises, mainly due to my anxiety, my boyfriend was determined to surprise me.  He proved yet again just how well he knows me by surprising me with the cutest little Peter Rabbit themed afternoon tea at Colwick Hall.  If there's one thing I love it's a good afternoon tea!

The one thing I really loved about this afternoon tea is the theming, you could tell that they had really put some thought into it down to each last little detail.  At the entrance there was a giant scarecrow and Peter Rabbit themed signs, including cute little allotment wheelbarrows.  The decor inside was just beautiful too.  The room was filled with beautiful climbing roses, not only were they aesthetically pleasing but they really gave the feeling that you were sitting in a quaint little rose garden.  I have also now decided I want to fill my dining room with them too, ha ha.

Then when the afternoon tea was bought to our table I couldn't contain my delight.  It was the cutest, especially the crate of little garden themed cakes.  The stand was filled with a variety of sandwiches, super yummy mini cheese and leek pies, the cutest little cup of carrot and coriander soup and finally scones with clotted cream and jam.  It was all very delicious, especially the homemade soup and mini pies.  This is the first time I've had afternoon tea with anything hot on it, it made a nice change and added to the variety of the afternoon tea.  There was also a wide selection of teas available but seeing as it was my birthday I just had to treat myself to one of their speciality themed cocktails to go alongside the Peter Rabbit afternoon tea.  I opted for the raspberry mojito one and it was delicious!

Finally onto my favourite part of the afternoon tea... the cakes!!  Just look how incredibly cute they are!  There was a really great selection including bunny tail meringues, carrot and ginger cookies and lemon cake.  My absolute favourites though had to be the miniature plant pot chocolate muffins and have you seen those little acorn doughnuts?!  So god damn cute, especially for a a doughnut lover like myself.

This was an absolutely fantastic afternoon tea, the only thing missing was Peter Rabbit himself.  If you're looking for a delicious afternoon tea, I would definitely recommend Cowlick Hall.  Their next themed afternoon tea which launches on the 4th May is a Star Wars themed one, and seeing as my boyfriend is a huge Star Wars fan we're hoping to go back to sample that one too.

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  1. Such a gorgeous place and amazing pictures!

  2. Happy birthday girlie. Hope you had an amazing birthday treat!

  3. Oh, what a lovely and completely unique way of enjoying an afternoon tea! The crate display is adorable and oh my gosh, those tiny scones.... soooo cute!

    ps. happy birthday!! x

  4. Aww, all the happy belated birthday wishes to you beautiful babe! I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true as you deserve all the rainbows and pots of gold out there :) This afternoon is the sweetest idea, a Peter Rabbit afternoon tea is all the adorable :D The rose garden vibes and feels look oh so pretty, so perfectly blissful! I love how well thought-out the afternoon tea is, so many perfect touches and details to set the theme beautifully. The allotment wheelbarrows are just too cute! The raspberry mojito looks like pure paradise, the perfect cocktail in celebration for your birthday babin' self! Also adoring the look of the cakes; plant pot chocolate muffins? OMG, heaven!!! So happy you had fun sweet Sadie, and the Stars Wars themed tea sounds incred! <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. Happy belated birthday! It looks like you had an amazing day, that is the cutest afternoon tea I've ever seen! The cakes look so yummy and the little chocolate muffin in a top is just dreamy, what a cute idea! I have never done a themed afternoon tea but I'd love to do one the future. Also, I love the dress that you're wearing xx

  6. Happy birthday beautiful! I hope it was a fantastic day! This is such a lovely idea for a birthday treat! Looks so fun and cute xx


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