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I've always been intrigued by these oval makeup brushes ever since they started making an appearance on social media a while back.  As a beauty blender lover I was a bit reluctant to give them a try, but after seeing more and more great reviews about these types of brushes I thought I'd give them a try.  This set of 4 brushes is only £5.80 from Zaful, making them the perfect little starter set to see how I got on with this type of brush.

This set includes a large oval face brush, a round eyeshadow brush, a large oval eye brush and a small oval eye brush.  Firstly I'm going to talk about the quality of the brushes.  The brush heads themselves are dense and beautifully soft.  The handles however do not feel the best quality but they're sturdy enough making the brushes easy to use, but for the low price I'd say overall they're pretty good quality.  

My favourite brush from the set is the oval face brush.  After discovering the beauty blender I didn't think anything would make me stray but I have to admit that I was really impressed with this brush.  The brush is so wonderfully soft and feels lovely on the face and it blends my foundation beautifully.  One of the main struggles I had when using a brush to apply my foundation was that no matter how much I tried to blend it you would still be able to see the brush strokes in my foundation.  This brush blends the foundation across my face perfectly with no streaks whatsoever.  

The round eyeshadow brush I tend to use as a blending brush rather than to apply eyeshadow because these brushes are so good at blending.  Then the large oval eye brush I have actually been using as a contour brush.  I find that the size and shape of it especially makes it perfect for using to contour the nose.  The smaller oval eye brush is supposed to be used for eyeliner.  It is a great shape and very sturdy making it great for applying a neat line but I have to admit that I'm not the best when it comes to eyeliner and I'm still trying to perfect the perfect wing with this brush, so if you have any tips please feel free to share.

I know there are lots of these types of brushes on the market now but all in all I don't think that you can go wrong with this set for the price.  Especially if you want to see how you get on with them first compared to other types of brushes.

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  1. Great post, and a review I was in need of! I've always been intrigued by these brushes but have never taken the plunge - it may be time for me to invest...

    / xx


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