G is for Gossip Girl


Getting back to the A-Z of my favourite things, it was so obvious that G had to be for Gossip Girl.  I used to bloody love The OC and when the 4th season was cut short and the show was cancelled I was absolutely gutted.  What was I going to do without Ryan Atwood and Seth Cohen in my life?  Then it was announced that Josh Schwartz was going to turn Gossip Girl into a show I couldn't wait to see if it could live up to my expectations after The OC.  To start with I wasn't 100% sure about it but now I don't know what I would do without Chuck Bass, Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodson.  Not only is it an addictive show but I absolutely love seeing what wardrobe designer Eric Daman is going to dress them in each week.

 I wish my school uniform had been more like this.

 Gorgeous Gowns

 Chic Daywear

 And of course the most stylish man of the show... Chuck Bass

Has anybody read the Gossip Girl books?  Are they worth a read?  I've heard they're quite different from the show.

(Photos: youknowyouloveme)

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  1. Love Gossip Girl! I was 15 when the books came out, read the books, love the books. I didn't want to watch the show when it 1st came out, but after season 3, I got the DVDs, watches, & yeah the rest is history. Blair & Chuck, OMFG! I think I want my love life to be like theirs'.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. I love Gossip Girl, I can't wait for it to return!

  3. @Sarmin I may have to give the books a read then :) Yes Blair and Chuck were made for each other, there's no way she'll marry the prince!

    @Rachel I can't wait either! :)


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