Midi Is My New Best Friend


Midi Dresses, £46 - Topshop

I'm a huge fan of the midi length that has made an appearance this season.  I've always loved maxi dresses but sadly they don't always love me.  Being a measly 5'3" it is difficult to find one that I wouldn't always be tripping over, and as I'm not a huge fan of my short little legs I don't always like to wear mini dresses.  So the midi is the perfect alternative, it's not too short or too long and still has a hint of the floatiness of a maxi.  I love these midi dresses from Topshop, the colours are so pretty.  I can't decide which is my favourite though.  I want it in each colour but sadly my bank balance won't allow that.

Which is your favourite colour?

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  1. My favourite is either the coral or the yellow. Lovely colours for summer :)

    I wish I wasn't a poor student :( Damn Topshop and their extravagant prices!!

    Natalie x

  2. omg these are actually wicked, I've been wanting to invest in some dress' as well - I agree with the above comment, I#m loving the coral/yellow :) x

  3. Those are pretty colours!


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