I Felt It. Perfect. It Was Perfect.


After not getting the chance to see it at the cinema, I finally watched Black Swan last night. I'm still a little undecided on it though. I did really like the film it was beautifully done, the costumes were gorgeous and I loved the psychosis of it all but there were points where I felt it was a little too much. However, the title of this post are the last words of the film and they have really stuck with me. After the major struggle Nina (Natalie Portman) went through in the film it was at the end when she lay bleeding that she was most content because she had achieved what she wanted and really felt it. Now, I do not want to lay bleeding to feel this, but I really want that feeling, where you have achieved something and really felt it and it felt perfect. So I've decided to really take the time to dedicate to something I've always wanted to do, and that is to play the guitar.

After years of wanting one, my parents finally bought me this guitar a couple of years ago, and I am ashamed to admit that I still can't play a full song on it yet. I can play most chords and bits of songs, but to be honest it a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. But it is always something I've wanted to do and know I will love, so I am going to put more effort in and get through the pain barrier of my fingers. I love music and how it can effect your emotions. So I am going to practice super hard so I can "feel it" and it can be "perfect".

I also thought I'd include a little outfit post in this too to show off my new coral jeans that I got last week. I love them...

Shirt - Peacocks
Coral Jeans - Dorothy Perkins

I also painted my nails today with the Barry M Mint Green Nail Polish that was in my bank holiday post. I really like it! It's a really nice colour, goes on so well and has a really nice finish...

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  1. That nail colour is awesome and i also liked your hair :). I had the crazy idea of dying it of a similar colour the other day but i had such a hard time in returning it to my natural colour that i don't want to screw it up lol.

  2. love the jeans, they look so nice on!
    i've had a guitar standing in the corner of my room for what seems like an eternity, i can't even play a chord on it, i tried to learn twinkle twinkle little star but i've forgotten how to play it now!
    hopefully you will succeed where i have failed :) x

  3. @Yona Thank you, I've been dying my hair different colours for so long I have no idea what my natural colour is anymore lol.

    @Charlotte Thank you I love them too :) I hope I will succeed with the guitar if I persevere :)

  4. So so jealous you get Barry M nail polishes there!

    I just painted my nails this morning too. :)

    Love your coral jeans, they look fabulous on you.

    The Cat Hag

  5. @ Addie Thank you :) It's a shame you don't get Barry M nail polishes where you are, they are my favourite :)

  6. love those jeans, they're gorgeous :D
    and I'm loving the coral green nail varnish as well :D

  7. I love the nail color! Good thing you go t watch Black Swan, I've been wanting to see it sooo bad still! xo

  8. @ Cheyenne Thank you, I'm so happy summer is on it's way and I can wear these pretty colours :)

    @ Gypsy Avenue Thank, you should see Black Swan it is definitely worth a watch :)

  9. OMG, I love the colors in your room! I have been thinking about painting mine for the longest time, but haven't done it. That blue/teal, pretty! & I have no talent, I wish I knew how to play the piano! Its awesome your learning how to play the guitar! & those coral jeans, too cute!

    xo $ARMIN

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  11. I love your Audrey canvas' :) I have so much Audrey memorabilia - she's my idol!

    Natalie x

  12. @Sarmin Thank you, it took me ages to find these exact colours and I love them cos they're so bright :) I'd like to learn the piano too but don't really have the space for one at the minute and I've always wanted to learn the guitar so I'm starting with that :)

    @Natalie Audrey is my idol too, she's gorgeous, whenever I see her face on something I want it :)

  13. Am a massive fan of BarryM nail varnishes.. I literally think I have every colour now! favourite at the moment is a bright coral colour xx


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