Tweezers and Stripes


The other day I was a little bored, and the weather wasn't that nice, so I decided to go for a little browse around town.  As our town is only small I only really venture in if I really need something and save browsing for when I go to a city (or just browse online).  So I thought I'd take the time to stroll around town and go into shops that I don't normally, rather than just rushing round, getting what I need and leaving.  Now, I fully went with the intention of just window shopping, but of course that didn't happen.

Jumper - New Look
Jeans (old) - New Look

So, whilst browsing the rails of New Look, I came across this jumper (of course it caught my eye with those coral stripes, at this rate my whole summer wardrobe will be coral!).  I tried it on in a size 12 because I prefer jumpers to be fairly big and baggy because I just think they're really comfy that way.  I also thought it'd be perfect just to throw on for those typical British chilly summer days or nights that we're bound to have, because it's so lightweight and has shorter sleeves.  So, after a little umm-ing and aah-ing in the changing rooms I decided to get it.  The added bonus was when I got to the checkout it had £10.99 off it, so I could leave feeling a little less guilty for spending.

On the way to the till in New Look I also spotted this cute headband, and at £2.99 decided to snap that up too...

On my stroll around town I went into a little boutique, that I've only been in once before when it first opened, and spotted these tweezers.  I have been wanting some new tweezers for a while, and I was initially drawn to how cute they are, but then when I saw they were only £2 I thought why not give them a whirl?  And, to be honest, after trying out countless amount of tweezers (that cost a lot more), these are the best tweezers I've ever owned.  The slanted tips are really precise and can pluck out the smallest of hairs.  These tweezers come in a variety of styles and they also had some really cute matching nail scissors.

I've hunted high and low online for these tweezers, and if any of you are interested I finally found them here.  At £3.49 they are a tiny bit more than what I paid for them, but I'd still say they're well worth the money.

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  1. No way is that new look!? I lavvv it.

    Helen, X

  2. Ive been after a decent pair of tweezers, might have the give these a try now. taa x

  3. I love the color of your hair! I'm always jealous of people who can get away with fire red hair.
    What A Pretty Face

  4. @Helen, I know, if I didn't know where it was from I'd think it was Topshop or something, it really is good for New Look.

    @Lolabbz, Yes give them a try, definitely worth it for the money.

    @Audrey, Thank you, I'm hoping to find a way to get it a little redder, it fades very quickly but I want to stick with the red.

  5. your hair and outfit is lovely :)
    I think I might need to buy some of those tweezers

  6. I love the jumper, the fit is great!


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