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Papa East Accessories

1. Moon and Star Earrings, £4.50 // 2. Multi Layer Necklace, £5 // 3. Moon Choker, £4 // 4. Triangle Earrings, £4 // 5. Multi Layer Ring, £4 // 6. Crystal Ring Set, £3.50 // 7. Ring Bracelet, £4 // 8. Mini Tassel Earrings, £4.50 // 9. Gemstone Ring Set, £3.50 // 10. Long Chain Necklace, £3.50

Now that March is here and the winter snow arrived late, I'm hoping that Spring will arrive just as quick.  This has got me looking at lots and bits and pieces to accessorise with.  As much as I love jewellery I don't tend to wear much during the winter. It just feels like too much of a hassle with earrings and rings getting caught in woolly hats and gloves and necklaces getting lost in big cosy jumpers or hidden beneath a scarf.  So I'm hoping the weather will start getting a bit better so I can take off a few layers of clothing and start adorning myself with pretty accessories again.

Above are a selection of my favourites from the online store Papa East.  They have a wonderful and varied selection of jewellery to suit all tastes and they're all super affordable.  I don't know about you but when it comes to jewellery I am a nightmare for losing it, whether it be a taking my rings off to wash my hands when I'm out and forgetting to put them back on or getting an earring caught when trying stuff on whilst shopping and then not being able to find it.  For this reason I have only a select few special pieces that I take extra good care of to make sure that I don't lose and the rest of the time I prefer to wear cheaper dress jewellery like this, so I don't worry so much if it does happen to get lost. I also prefer to spend a little less if I want to get an on trend piece, such as the tassel earrings, which I may not want to wear by the end of the year.  I actually really love these little tassel earrings, as most of the tassel earrings I have seen are pretty big and I much prefer dainty pieces.  I'm also really loving the layered necklace and moon choker.  I really can't believe they're all £5 or under, they're the kinds of pieces you'd see in shops such as Accessorize for much more.  What's even better is that if you use the code CELPAPA10 you will also get 10% off your order.

What style of jewellery do you like to accessorise with most?

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  1. Such pretty pieces I love it! I especially love number 10 so dainty :)


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