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Well so much for it being Spring!!  This weekend was freezing cold and full of snow, which meant a lot of time sat on the sofa, snuggled under a blanket and browsing the web.  As much as I can't afford to be doing any shopping right now, as soon as my emails are full of mid-season sales I can't help myself but have a little browse.  I have to admit that the main reason I wanted to look at the Quiz sale was that I had tried this beautiful pastel pink embroidered jacket on before Christmas and just couldn't justify spending £44.99 on it when I had just bought a house and it was hardly practical for winter.  However, it is now in the sale for £14.99 and with Spring supposedly on it's way I am very very tempted... it would make the perfect Spring jacket.

My other picks are all also in the hope that Spring is on the way.  Once I've had enough of winter and being bundled up in jumpers and coats, I find myself pining for the sunshine and automatically being drawn to floral prints.  This little red dress immediately caught my eye and I think it would make the perfect transitional piece for Spring.  It's high neck and long sleeves making it wearable on cooler days with tights and boots and then, if the warmer weather ever decides to make an appearance, you can ditch the tights and wear it with some mules.  For just £19.99 it's a great little dress that will see you through to Autumn.  When you're on a budget you need to look for pieces that can see you through all seasons.  My other favourites were this jumpsuit; it's super simple, can be dressed up or down and I think jumpsuits like this just automatically make it look like you've made an effort without actually having to make one.  Oh and did I mention that it's only £14.99!!  Speaking of £14.99 these little nude loafers are the same price and look so cute with the bow on the front.  I've been admiring backless loafers for a while (thank you Gucci!) but winter isn't exactly weather appropriate for these kinds of shoes.  Thinking ahead though this little nude pair will be perfect for summer.

Finally, I couldn't do a post on Quiz without a special mention about their occasion dresses.  Whether it is a dress for a prom, christening, wedding or even a bridal dress Quiz has them all.  There are some stunning ones for a range of different prices, but they're all beautiful.  My favourite one was this grey maxi dress.  The embroidery and beading detail on the top is just gorgeous and the neckline is so flattering.  I just wish I had an occasion to wear it to so I had an excuse to buy it.

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