The Moon And The Stars


Dress - Gamiss*
Bag - Gamiss*
Boots - Gamiss*

Although this outfit doesn't look very Spring-like it was actually warm enough to venture out of the house without a coat on yesterday.  So, fingers crossed that we've seen the last of the snow and Spring is really on it's way.  It was so nice not to have to wear tights with my dress or get myself all bundled up in a coat and scarf.

Onto the actual outfit, it is all from Gamiss and would you believe it but the entire outfit cost less than £40!!  Yes, you read that right, a dress, a bag and boots all for under £40.  As always from online sites like this I am a little weary of what the sizing and the quality of the items will be like.  I was nothing but impressed with these items though.  The dress is so soft and velvet-y and I love the little moon and star print on it.  I ordered it in a Large as I do tend to find that the sizing on these sites tend to come up a little small.  I am normally a UK size 8-10 and could have probably gone a size smaller as it is a little on the larger side on me, but with the tie around the waist to make it more fitted this is not really a problem.  It did come with a matching velvet choker but I was unable to wear this as it was way too big for my neck.  This doesn't really bother me though as I didn't really order it for that and was more than happy with just the dress.  The bag was also not a problem at all; pretty good quality for a bag that costs £6.89, a decent size and how cute is that little grey fur pom pom?!

Last but not least, my favourite item out of all three, the boots.  I'd been wanting some simple black lace up boots for a while, that were practical, stylish and that I could wear with anything.  This pair seemed to tick all the boxes and I couldn't wait for them to arrive.  I was definitely not disappointed when I opened up the box.  Obviously they're not real leather but seem pretty good quality.  They also have a very thick and sturdy sole, which was tested out when it snowed last Saturday and they had really good grip on the icy ground.  Then I think my favourite part, which I had no idea when I ordered them, but they are fur lined.  As someone who always has cold feet this is definitely a bonus and they are also super comfy.  What makes them my favourite out of all the items though is the price... £16.67!!  Can you believe it?!  Where else would you find boots like this for that price?!  I honestly can't rave about them enough, they are one of my new favourite pairs of boots.

Have you ever ordered from Gamiss before?  What did you think?

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  1. I love the dress. The pattern on it is so pretty! I love the boots too. They look comfortable. Such a cool outfit. I've not shopped at Gamiss before. I'm going to check them out and see if they ship to NZ!

  2. Looking like such a gorgeous galaxy queen in this cosmic print dress stunning Sadie, what a DREAM! I love the magical moon and star print, totally out of this world for sure :) The boots and bag are a total match-made in heaven too, I'm adoring the fluffy pom pom! Pure paradise. This is such a spellbinding outfit and I can't believe it cost less than £40, such fantastic value! I've never shopped at Gamiss before but I'll definitely have to check them out. Can never get enough of moon and star vibes! This is such a perfect outfit for spring and fingers crossed we've got a gorgeous summer coming our way :D I'm so in love with your beautiful tattoo too, so much fairytale heaven! <3 xxx

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  3. That dress is fabulous and I like the combination with these boots! Gorgeous outfit!


  4. girl I love ur hair!!!!!! and yes ur dress hehe

  5. Love love love this look! That print is dreamy and the fact you created it for undr £40 makes it even better! You look amazing in these photos <3

    // xx

  6. Love this look! Love the effect of the dress it is so cute!! Adorable bag too xx


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