D is for Dry Shampoo


I love Batiste dry shampoo, it is my hair saviour. I was was cursed with fine super straight hair, which I'm sure some people would appreciate, but unless you want your hair poker straight all the time it is very hard to style. I was only able to do very little with my hair until I discovered dry shampoo. Not only does it smell gorgeous, it adds great texture and is very helpful for backcombing (which is the only way to add volume to my hair). I wouldn't say it's great for getting rid of grease, but it certainly helps in between washes and makes your hair feel lovely and soft. It just had to be in my A-Z of favourite things because now I have discovered it I don't know how I ever lived without it.

If any of you have any other tips for fine lacklustre hair please let me know :)

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  1. Never used dry shampoo, need to try it out.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. Ah I love this product too, such a life saver x

  3. I've only tried Tresemme's dry shampoo, so I'm excited to learn about a new brand!

    i love your blog! following you now :)


  4. i love this, its such good value! you should try putting a volumising mouse on your roots instead of backcombing, it works great! xx


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