Let The Sun Shine, Let The Sun Shine


Sorry I have been a little MIA from my blog over the past week, I just couldn't resist taking the time to enjoy the warmth and sunshine outside. With British weather being so unpredictable, I spent every moment I could out in the sunshine before it turns cold and wet, which it no doubt will soon seeing as we haven't had many April showers. I have fully loved this warm weather sitting in beer gardens, going for picnics and going for a 9 mile walk in the sunshine. I have also loved being able to dust off my summer dresses and walk around without a coat.

I have also been looking for a pleated midi skirt in a nice summer colour for a while now, so I was really happy when I found this vintage one on ebay. It not only makes me feel like I have a teeny tiny waist but is also a beautiful coral colour, my favourite colour for summer.

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  1. that maxi is gorgeous.

    Helen, X


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