Leopard Print Nails


For ages I have been wondering how to get leopard print nails without spending lots of money on salons and nail art. So I was completely overjoyed when I discovered Gem Fatale's Style Blog yesterday. She has a brilliant tutorial on how to do them yourself at a fraction of the price because you probably already have everything you need, which is just your two nail varnish colours of choice, black liquid eyeliner and a top coat. When I watched the video Gem made it look so simple, and I thought it's never going to be that easy. But it really is! I did it on my first attempt and didn't have to redo any of my nails. They're probably not as neat as they probably could be as I picked the wrong time to do them really and had to do them in a little bit of a rush.

Sorry the close up is a little bit blurry, my camera isn't very good at close ups, I need a new one.

The colours I used for my leopard print are Bolt From The Blue and Orange Soda, both by 17 at Boots. I look forward to experimenting with different colours and getting as good at them as Gem. If you are not already a follower of her awesome blog I suggest you start, not only does she have great style but her Tuesday Tips are full of great ideas. I shall definitely be trying out a few more.

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  1. cute nail polish :)

  2. cool nails!

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