Paris Fashion Week: Day 1


Technically Paris Fashion Week started on the 28th September but it wasn't really until yesterday that Paris Fashion Week really kicked off. The standout show for me had to be Gareth Pugh's Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Instead of a live runway show Gareth Pugh opted to show his collection via film. The whole show, from the film to the garments, was a complete work of art.

The collection is full of brilliant tailoring with armour style tops, a perfect mix of skintight and wide leg trousers and chiffon capes, all worn with Samurai style hair. Colours morphed from pale grey to his signature chequered pattern for next season to all black and ending in shiny silver. Below is the film from the show that took us into Gareth Pugh's cyber world full of shape and movement...

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  1. what a fierce line! i love the shapes and structure. and the models hair!


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